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WPL: Maine Government, Law & Politics Resources
... Univ. of Maine employees labor laws and labor relations acts, and Maine Labor Relations Board rules and proceedings listed here. Maine State Bar Association News and Events, Member Resources, Public ...

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Maine Labor Law Posters Lowest Prices!
... 1/05 - Unemployment Insurance - 6/04 - Maine Minimum Wage - 10/04 - Sexual Harassment ... ... after your purchase of either Kit.Federal labor laws rarely change - State labor Laws change ...

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Wake-Up Wal-Mart: The Real Wal-Mart Facts
... Bloomberg News, 6/22/05) Wal-Mart has also been fined $205,650 for 1,436 violations of child labor laws in Maine for the period 1995 to 1998. The settlement represents the largest number of citations ...

STATE OF MICHIGAN LAWS - state of michigan laws - State Of Michigan Laws - S...
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child labor
... 767 in civil penalties and $71,883 for educating teens, parents, and employers about child labor laws. Maine law limits 14- and 15-year-olds to three hours of work on school days, with a maximum of ...

Child labor law permits - Labor Law Obligations to Employees
... in providing the necessary permits for child labor Information about work permits Maine and federal child labor laws are in place to protect teens. Child labor laws cover all youth until they are 18 ...
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MAINE LABOR LAWS - maine labor laws - Maine Labor Laws - Maine labor laws
Maine Labor Laws Wow ! Fantastic maine labor laws! building Leave maine labor laws Having maine labor laws is not bad at all The media say itĂ­s not easy to find ...


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